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We are happy to be able to share this information, even though some of it did not come from us.  We are happy to give credit to these companies that have been willing to help others understand the world of yurt.  They have shared, and we have just  passed on the shared information. These examples are to give you ideas about how to setup and use your yurt. You should make it how you like which is only limited  by your imagination.

We encourage you download: Erecting a Yurt Locker Yurt below to understand more.  If you find another yurt that you like better, good for you.  We want everyone to be happy in their lives, spaces, and yurts!

        Interesting stuff that may be helpful to you
  The Humanure Handbook - How to deal with your "doo"
  Prodex Estimation Sheet - Want to improve your yurt's insulation?
  Erecting a Yurt Locker Yurt - Model 12m2 to Model 80m2
  Convert.exe - a handy program to convert many kinds of measurements.

Floor Plans - How to arrange your yurt
These are courtesy of  Pacific Yurts, Inc.
  16' Yurt Floor Plan
  20' Yurt Floor Plan   Click
  24' Yurt Floor Plan   Click
  30' Yurt Floor Plan   Click

 Deck Plans- From Pacific Dome's website.
  Includes Cob Floor Links that are broken?
  16'  Deck  Plan
  20'  Deck  Plan   Click
  24'  Deck  Plan   Click
  30'  Deck  Plan   Click
  36'  Deck  Plan   Click
  44'  Deck  Plan   Click
  60'  Deck  Plan   Click